Welcome to our Website. The National Stanley Family Association (NSFA) was organized in Damascus, Ohio on September 25th, 1989 with 34 members. The first elected President KENNETH L. STANLEY stated the purpose of the association as follows:

  • To bring our members into closer relationship with each other.
  • To share knowledge of our heritage from our early ancestors.
  • To recognize the hardships they endured that we might have a better life.
  • To record their accomplishments that they may be preserved for future generations.

We continue to strive to accomplish these same goals, and to build upon the achievements of

  • Held annual two-day Reunion meetings in various parts of the country that hold historic interest for our members.
  • Published several VOLUMES of ancestral information listing the generations back to THOMAS1 STANLEY and his three sons, JAMES2, THOMAS2 JR., and JOHN2.  We are working on more volumes.
  • Printed and distributed to our members a NEWSLETTER three times a year, containing articles and information of genealogical interest. (See Webpage Link-NEWSLETTER)
  • Established a STATE ADVISORY BOARD with coordinators from States having concentrations of STANLEY residents. Currently the States of Arizona, Virginia, North
    Carolina, Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Wisconsin and California are represented.  We seek contact persons in other areas as well.
  • Initiated and maintained this Web Site of current information pertaining to NSFA.
  • Encouraged a growing membership.  We hope you will consider joining us if you have
    not already done so. See Membership

We are proud of our family heritage and seek to build wisely and well upon that which we have received. If you are interested in joining us, we would welcome your involvement and support. Thanks for visiting with us and best wishes from the members of the NATIONAL STANLEY FAMILY ASSOCIATION.

Past Presidents

Kenneth L Stanley - 1989-1992
Raymond W Stanley - 1993-2001
Arthur L Stanley - 2001-2005
Paul L Stanley - 2005-2007

Association Articles of Incorporation & By-Laws -

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those who have served before us. Since 1989 we have:

Earl C Stanley - 2007-2009
Darlene Stanley - 2009-2011
Edsel Stanley - 2011-2014
Darlene Stanley - 2014-2016