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Stanley & Allied Families, Volume I
Released 1996
Compiled by Alvin L Anderson, Ph.D.

Chapter One of Volume One dedicates 98 pages to the rise of the noble Stanley family in England, 1066 to the present.  Although the link to American Stanleys is not verified, it is of real interest to Stanley descendants everywhere.  Chapter Two examines the background of

the Quaker Stanley families of Cedar Creek Quaker Meeting, Hanover Co.,VA.  Emphasis is

on Thomas Stanley1, the earliest known ancestor.  Chapters Three, Four and Five give five

generations of descendants of the three known sons of Thomas Stanley: James2, Thomas2

Jr, and John2.  410 pages, hardbound, fully indexed, printed by Gateway Press, distributed by the National Stanley Family Association.

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Stanley & Allied Families, Volume II
Descendants of William(3) &
Elizabeth (Walker) Stanley
Released 1998
Compiled by Alvin L. Anderson, Ph.D.

Volume Two begins the series dedicating one volume to the descendants of each of the

grandchildren of Thomas1 Stanley, the immigrant ancestor.  William3 Stanley was the oldest son of James2 Stanley, who was oldest son of Thomas1 Stanley.

The term Allied Families in the title refers to the inclusion of female lines as well as male descendants.  The major allied families include the following: Benbow, Brown, Carter, Clark, Coffin, Cook, Cope, Coppock, Davis, Dixon, Elliott, Ferguson, Hadley, Harvey, Hastings, Haworth, Hiatt, Hill, Hinshaw, Holloway, Howard, Hunt, Jackson, Johnson, Jones, Macy, Meredith, Moon, Newlin, Osborn, Pearson, Pickett, Riley, Smith, Stratton, Stuart, Thomas, Thompson, Unthank, Walker, Welborn, White, Whitney, Williams, Wilson and Wright.

Volume Two lists nearly 7,000 descendants up to the present, 834 pages, hardbound, fully indexed, printed by Gateway Press, distributed by the National Stanley Family Association.

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Stanley & Allied Families, Volume IV
Descendants of Micajah(3) Stanley and his wife Barbara (Walker) Stanley
Released 2002

Edited by Paul L. Stanley

Compiled by Turk Quathamer

Micajah3 was the 5th child of James2 Stanley and his wife Catherine Hutchins. Micajah was

born in 1739 and died in 1819. From his marriage to Barbara Walker there were seven children. This book contains 330 pages and about 3000 names of descendants. Allied

families include- Booth, Chamberlain, Cline, Coffin, Cunningham, Davis, Dicks, Harp,

Hendrickson, Hineman, Hutchins, Johnson, Kirk, Kirkpatrick, Large, Macy, Morris, Newby, Quathamer, Reid, Rowe, Smith, Thomas, Williamson, and White, and others.

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Stanley & Allied Families, Volume VI Descendants Of Strangeman(3) Stanley
Released 2000
compiled by Ruth Stanley Kuntz

Strangeman3 Stanley was the 7th child of James2 Stanley, oldest son of the immigrant

ancestor Thomas1 Stanley.  This 631-page book lists biographical data for 4,690 descendants.  The editor made a special effort to list all sources and to find the county and state of residence or each person.

Allied families include: Allen, Baty, Barnett, Beason/Beeson, Bell, Bond, Brown, Carey, Carr, Chamness, Clark, Cline, Cook, Davis, Dean/Deen, Fry, Gause, Hall, Harold, Harvey, Hougham, Johnson, Jones, Lancaster, Mendenhall, Ratcliff, Rayle, Riner, Savage, Smith, Taylor, Unthank, Well, and Williams.

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Stanley & Allied Families, Volume X
Descendants of Thomas(3) & Sarah (Crew) Stanley
Released 2005
Compiled by David Stratton

Stanley & Allied Families, Vol. X was released at the June 25-26, 2005 Stanley Reunion in Canton, Ohio.  Although it is named Volume X due to the order of Thomas1 grandchildren, it is actually the 6th volume NSFA has published to date.

The descendants of Thomas3 & Sarah (Crew) Stanley moved from Virginia and settled in Stark, Mahoning, and Columbiana Counties of Ohio, before the generations spread out.  David says, "Now we have descendants from New York to California, Oregon to Florida, and even Australia."

The book also contains the descendants of Agatha3 (Stanley) Stanley, which would have

been Vol. XXIII if it had appeared separately.  Agatha3 Stanley married Littleberry4 Stanley, 

the oldest son of Thomas3 & Sarah (Crew) Stanley.

Volume X is the largest NSFA book to date.  It contains 948 pages and approximately 12,000 indexed names.  There is a CD disk with photos of people (75 years or older) and places available for $10 each. See below.

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Stanley & Allied Families, Volume XXV
Descendants of Thomas(3) Stanley & Unity (Crew) Stanley
Released 2001
Compiled by Wayne Lewis

Thomas3 Stanley was the ninth child of John2 and his second wife Martha (Hutchins) Stanley.  It is a book of some 400+ pages. We also have available a pictorial CD with captions for each picture.  Having been unable to include many pictures in prior volumes, this is an exciting addition to Volume XXV.  The cost of the CD is $10.  If you are ordering the CD and the book at the same time, there is no additional shipping & handling charge.  If you are ordering the CD separately, there will be an additional $2 shipping & handling charge.

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