October 18, 2014
Beaverdam, Virginia

Central Virginia Stanley Family Reunion

The Eleventh Annual Central Virginia Stanley Family Reunion will be held October 18, 2014 beginning at 11:00 a.m. at Mt. Olivet Baptist Church, Beaverdam, VA.  All persons of Stanley descent and friends are welcomed and encouraged to join us for a day of Fun, Food, Music and Family stories.  

Please bring a dish and family pictures AND genealogy to share. For more information,

please click here.

If you have questions or need more information please contact Bonnie Andersen at bonniedax@xjuno.com or Russell Bumpass at russellbumpassx@xembarqmail.com. NOTE: Remove the "x"s from the emails.

Saturday, August 17, 2013
12:00 noon until 3:30 pm
Albert Lee, MN

The First Annual Minnesota/Iowa/Wisconsin Stanley Family Reunion will be held Satuday, August 17, 2013, beginning at 12:00 noon at a location to be determined in Albert Lee, MN.  All persons of Stanley descent and friends are welcomed and encouraged to join us for a day of Fun, Food, Music and Family stories.  Please bring a dish and family pictures AND

genealogy to share.  RSVP is encouraged so David can plan for space.  If you have questions or need more information please contact David and Joan Fawcett, 952-212-6481 or at dfawcett27 @ msn.com (take the spaces out of the email address.)

Zachariah Stanley Family Reunion
Sunday, July 21, 2013
Bell Spur Primitive Baptist Church
Meadows of Dan, Virginia, Patrick County

Zachariah Stanley was the first of the immigrant, Thomas Stanley's descendants to settle in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia in 1787.  Each year on the third Sunday in July the descendants of Zachariah Stanley meet for their reunion at the Bell Spur Primitive Baptist Church located at the intersection of Bell Spur Road (State Route 638) and Squirrel Spur Road (State Route 614) near Meadows of Dan, VA.

This year, they enjoyed a pot-luck lunch together.  Ed Stanley gave a report on the National Stanley Family Reunion.  Prizes were awarded in various categories.  Pictures of the Zachariah Reunion held in 1913 were on display.  The reunion has been held annually since 1954.

Iowa Stanley Family Reunion 2009
October 3, 2009
Lake Rathbun - Centerville, Iowa

At 7:00 a.m. on a dreary Saturday morning, Lynne Stanley Watson, Norm Watson and Louise Stanley Ortberg began a trek southwest to Lake Rathbun near Centerville, Iowa. At 9:50 a.m. things were beginning to look up. Being unsure of the exact location of the site chosen for the meeting which Roberta Stanley Hoopes and Lynne had already visited in September, we wondered about finding the correct place. Not to worry because Roberta and Joe Hoopes had arrived the evening before and, of course, the Stanley Family Banner welcomed us all.

By 10:00 a.m. twenty six Stanleys were visiting and looking at neat picture displays. Also our gifted genealogist, Ruth Stanley Kuntz, had done her homework — as she always does. She had researched the Stanleys in the five counties surrounding the Lake Rathburn area. The information was in five different binders.

At 11:30 a.m. the group gathered around tables covered with fall decorations and candy. The food was delicious and the noise level was warm and varied as all participated.

Stanleys gathered from all over Iowa. Bertha Swartz of Galesburg, Ill., and Douglas Swartz of Divernon, Ill., also joined the group. Pictures were taken with the beautiful fireplace as a backdrop. Hopefully there will be room for pictures in the Stanley News since cameras were clicking as we posed for posterity. It was noted that four generations of the Ralph Stanley family of Earlham, IA were present. The youngest was baby granddaughter Cecelia Stanley. Ashley Wilmoth, eleven year old granddaughter of Lucille Swartz Wilmoth and Danny Wilmoth of DesMoines, accompanied her grandparents to the reunion. It was fun having the children.

As has been done each year, donations were taken for the next volumn of the Stanley Family to be presented to the State Historical Society of Iowa.

Goodbyes were said as the group began to head for home. Those of you that were unable or chose not to attend missed warm hugs, chatter, delicious food and gracious hosts and hostesses. There is always next year — perhaps. Several mentioned they would like to return to this beautiful resort area.



Emma Louise Stanley Ortberg